Only Your Touch

Only your touch

do I desire,

gentle brush

under which

I catch



from a spark

you so tenderly



slowly adding

more kindling

in a shivering

sensory flourish…


your magic hands

put me under

your spell;


please don’t release


let me




into you…

take from me

my breath:


let me die

then resurrect


under your

loving care.

Revive me


with incantations


in my ear…


One thought on “Only Your Touch

  1. Sometimes,
    when my heart leaves the grill
    from some other place,
    toasting the billow of evening cloud…

    pulling threads
    into the bonfires…

    watching the sky burn
    like a dark without shame…

    like a spirit..
    a soul…
    a heart…

    Call it what you will,
    because these words are interchangeable,
    whatever the books say.

    These words
    are small labels,
    nsme tags
    for a thing that burns what we write of it,
    every sunset…

    then sails off,
    taking the colours to distant mills.


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