Wandering (With Audio)



Lost and wandering

upon endless winding paths,

not fretful,

yet homeless,

a nomad

among camps,


with True North


in a fading compass,


pole star



into focus.


With God always

beside me,

never do I

walk alone,

but now

I sense clearly

the direction

to go.


My balance


my axis


with the gravity

of you,

this sweet, gentle



I may never



but with each step

closer to your glow,

I am no longer lost,

simply enjoying

this road




Poem, image, and audio ©LauraDenise

2 thoughts on “Wandering (With Audio)

    1. Thank you. It started with my thoughts about God as my True North, but He has always been beside me; my pilgrimage is more being drawn to something or someone or some place my soul wants me to reunite with. It feels amazing and soothing and undoubtedly true and right to have finally found that long-searched-for path. And I’m oddly not in a hurry to arrive because that particular path truly has so much beauty along the way.


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