I Believe in Him

I believe in love,

the extraordinary kind,

the one many give up

trying to find


and settle


for love

of the earthly variety;

someone to spend

a life with

but not eternity,


for love

of the highest form

travels through

space and time



when a soul

gets parted

from its partner

and determinedly

searches for the other,


not its second half

for only hearts

can be so divided–


a soul

is a spirit

and the two

mesh as one

aura united,


having never given up



one another



despite all the others

saying it is such



I believe in love

of the highest degree.

You can settle for less.

For me, I believe


in the one


faithfully believing

in the existence

of me.


I will not


will never stop

having faith in him;

my true love is close

and soon our love affair

will resume



He is being guided now

by God’s gracious hand.

2 thoughts on “I Believe in Him

  1. May I live in your heart?
    See through your eyes?
    Weave my silent music in the pauses when you speak?
    See the stars sparkle,
    deep behind the eyes of those you talk to?
    See the smile
    when they find me in you?

    May I take off the mask of tides?
    Step out of the oceans?
    Roll down from the mountains?
    Glide down from the clouds?
    Circle free of the breeze
    and orbit your soul?

    May I walk with you,
    carrying my galaxies through your imagination?
    Living what they never write in books,
    deep within your wordless core?
    May I light your road in rainy places?
    Paint my beacons in your face?
    And see horizons glow
    deep behind the eyes of those you talk to?
    Feel the smile
    when they find me in you?

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