I escape undetected

slip past the sea-oat rimmed fence,


cross the bridge

to the great blue expanse,

Version 2

leave behind the land

until toes get lifted

from underwater sand,


and I am in the

unstable hand,


at the whim

of my moody

but trusted friend


to take me

fathoms deep

into the abyss

of an empty head,


afloat in the saltwater solution

that expels the world

with each exhaled breath.


I only focus occasionally

on the shore

to reality check

my location

while away indefinitely

on my solitude vacation,


in no hurry to return

to the daily obligations.

I shift back my attention

to Sea’s lovely manipulations,


back and forth

with occasional playful splashes.

Cradle me awhile longer,

at least until the next pelican passes…



Poem and images ©LauraDenise

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