Neither Lost


Neither of us currently lost

in the deep wood,


but alone on your long walk,

let me be reminders to you


of the good,


let me be that bright twinkling

on the water

when the sun and ripples

seem to come together

to call you,


let me be the single blurry bloom

coming into view,


a heart-butterfly

to whisper-deliver a message

just for you,


let me be that subtle extra beauty

that brightens up your day

and life,


as you were for me

when I walked alone

by the sea

and you made me realize


that beauty

can be gifted

but can also

be seeded



Poem and images ©LauraDenise

4 thoughts on “Neither Lost

  1. I hoped it was you, even when the words didn’t call you.

    I find myself hugging you, even as you crumble

    and the streams crash down from the cliffs above.

    I find myself caught up by a tide

    on whose shores I seem to have stood helpless all my life.

    This is not an answer.

    This is not a solution whittled out of problems.

    This is simply being held

    and human,

    as the world comes crashing down from the stars.

    Now, there’s a hope,

    I find myself saying,

    as the straps break,

    and all those broken worlds fall like morning rain around your feet.

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