The Water Remembers


The water remembers.

That is a characteristic of one of the 5 elements of nature in the movie Frozen 2, which I recently watched with my daughter. I have to admit, Elsa is right up there with Wonder Woman for me in regards to empowering me, getting me pumped with my strength potential, with inner challenges and obstacles.

The water remembers.

In the movie, the water–the rivers, the lakes, the seas– holds the memory, the history, of all it has encountered. If you seek to remember or to know, to learn of something in the past, you seek out the water.

I can’t help but think of the possibility, the fantasy, of that being true, since I naturally see so much below and beyond the surface of the mere beauty of nature. In a way, it is true.

The water remembers.

The ocean is as old as time, existed before us, will exist after us, would exist better without us. It may not know and keep secrets, but we sure are drawn to it to remember, to know, ourselves. We escape to it, with the very deliberate purpose of leaving our daily world behind for a while, to remove ourselves from the responsibilities, the hustle, the stress, the clock. We come to still ourselves, to hear the ocean waves, to hear ourselves, our inner voices, our souls stripped of all of that. The water offers us that freely, unconditionally. Each soul brings its unique composition to the water, shares and sheds individual secrets, dreams, burdens.

The water reminds. The water helps us remember.

Who we used to be, who we wanted to be, who we can still be. We remember the memories, our own personal histories, all that we have chosen to retain inside of us. We try to leave with the water all that has leeched onto us that we wish not to carry.

We remember we are small; we are humbled. We remember that we are significant, too, that we are connected to a higher power, that there is much more that matters than that which we are escaping from.

We remember that nature heals and restores us, not only in the moments when we stand before the most awesome of its glory, but that the moment can be brought back with us and sustain us, and that there is the same magic potential in everyday nature. Perhaps, we will remember to take the time when we return to our busy lives to take time-outs, to simply unplug for a while, go outside, and put in the effort to do nothing, to restore ourselves more often, for our mental health, to strengthen our spiritual connections.

The water reminds. It is up to us to choose to remember.

IMG_3938Words and images ©LauraDenise

2 thoughts on “The Water Remembers

  1. Beautiful sentiments, Laura! I hope that someday, modern human societies will return to seeing ourselves as a part of nature, but no more nor less than any other living thing. Water definitely has a calming effect.

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