obstructed by boulders, been told
of the horizon beyond
make the best of
the dead-end
called home
the road
placed upon

no need for wings
when caged by ceiling
dreams fading
gaze turned away
from that crack
letting in light
ears choose
to no longer be fooled
by hope’s lullaby

no way out
of this life


last dream
tucked away
in that sacred
special place
still safe
in a palm
face to face
but alive
still aglow
still functioning

single tear
of fear
from the holder
as dream reassures
happiness can bloom
from a source
so small

a countenance shift
as eyes lift
to those boulders
feet move toward
that single thread
light source

palming the ray
then reaching
to presumably futilely
move boulder away
hand passes through
the mirage
stepping beyond
into the full light
of day

adjusting eyes
to the blinding
of a new life
focus falls
upon the horizon
the colors
of infinite directions
a future
without limitations

dream and heart
at the same time
and lift
the soul
to flight



IMG_4165Poem and images ©LauraDenise

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