Waves of yesterdays

evidenced in footprints

not yet erased

lose their shadows

in the gradual light

of another day,

and I add to them

on my way

to where the sand

shows no trace


of existence.

I am one of the few witnesses.


I patiently wait

and wait

for sun to make his way

and finally show

his unconditional

bright face.

Version 2

He lights up mine

as well as my eyes

and sparks my heart

to life.


I give thanks.

I pray.


Upon the ray

that travels from him

to me

across the sea,

I lay

my troubles

and watch them

get carried away.

Again, my heart soars,




this moment,

the only thing

I choose to carry.

It will live forever

in me.


Although I walk away,

I am weightless, so

my footsteps

leave no imprints,

though I exist

more so than when

I came.



Poem and images ยฉLauraDenise

7 thoughts on “Witness

  1. Your soul is light, a candle in flickering similitude to the sun, and brightens all the more as the sun bleeds through the shutters of a life’s daily discontent. Your soul’s prayer is effortless communication, a subtle whisper stream from one life to another. It is directed to the sun, and yet also drawn out by the sun, so that in a way that defies our own mind’s grasp the sun and the soul are praying with and for each other. The footsteps from that sublime moment are not etched in sand but imprinted in a sea salted wind memory. The footsteps ebb and flow forever with the tide and with all the other footsteps of people so touched by the moment. There is a kind of holy communion of sun gazers kept forever in the tidal breezes and illuminated now and then as sparkled silhouettes glimpsed at dusk.

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      1. I edited my comment to you and posted the slightly revised and elongated version of my words on my blog. I referenced your poem as the inspiration and provided a link to your original piece. I hope the people who check out my post will read your poem as well. Your poetry inspires joy by anyone touched by the divine in nature.

        Liked by 1 person

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