Last Drop


A deeper connection

lingers, clings

to the last drop

of hope,

frozen in time

to allow us one last


to catch

its saving, quenching sustenance

to coat

that ache, that thirst, that rawness

for what our souls

were created to desire.


I reach for you

in a moment of vulnerability,

in a moment in which I am blind and free,

in a moment silenced,

frozen in time.

I let my reach


and the chance of a deeper connection


altering all

that could be…




Reflecting on why it’s so hard to simply love one another…

Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin now with me…and you.

8 thoughts on “Last Drop

  1. The last drop reminds us that the fullness of experience can be encapsulated in the final touch of a person, thing, or experience. There is as much of the soul of the ocean in a drop of ocean foam as in the endless stretch of sea. It is just that our perspective at the moment only reveals the drop instead of the endless stretch. The perspective with respect to space (drop) or time (last drop) is limiting, but the fullness of that person, thing, or experience is there all along. Our intuition grasps that, which is why we can find so much joy in a last drop or a momentary glimpse.

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    1. A beautiful interpretation and addition. I didn't know if this poem would even make sense to anyone; it barely did to me. I have just been feeling everything in excess lately; my heart is overflowing with so many emotions as a feeler. Then I get lost in thought about it endlessly as a thinker… I was looking forward to your comment. 🙂

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      1. As I look forward to your poetry and prose. The emancipated soul unlocks the dam, and feeling and thought pours forth in wild abundance. It is simultaneously stream and wind untamed in her visceral expression of the truth being untapped. Nature is a refuge for us, but it can be a kind of beautiful danger for us because of the possibility behind every tree or down any one path of unleashing suddenly that strong stream/wind. When it comes, and we attempt to convey that experience in words, we are left sometimes wondering if we have made any sense. That is the nature of poetry, for lyrical expression ultimately eludes the rational mind.

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