Lifting Spirits

To lift the spirits…

My spirits,
today, at this moment,
are sky-high.

Far from perfect is my life,
but I keep my eye
on the prizes
all about me,

for it is neither cliché
nor fantasy
that beauty
and blessings

even in the darkest

sometimes our eyes
get clouded
with tears
and doubt
and distractions
and fears,
but the goodness
never disappears.

When you lose sight,
use your other senses,
breathe deeply in the scents
of the season,

reach out to touch
or the textures
nature offers,

taste the sweetness
of your lover’s kiss
or the fruit
that the earth selflessly

There is love
in abundance
even if you can’t see it,
for love is best experienced
through the spirit.

Sense all that the One
who created it
gives to all
without discrimination,

for you are loved
by the One
who created you.

Feel that spirit
wrap around you
when you are feeling
lonely or blue.

Poem and images (taken yesterday) by Laura Denise

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