Red in the Winter

Just got back from my usual neighborhood stroll with the pup, and guess what, Amy? I found some red! More like the red found me!  Two cardinals behind two single sprouts of red leaves on a “dead” tree.

I was admiring the varieties and sounds of all the birds, as usual. I recorded the single cardinal’s song and recalled the FLOCK of cardinals once in my backyard. The cardinal was a lovely occasional sighting up north, but the flock of them astounded me down here in the south. Funny, I never considered the existence of such a thing!

When the female flew in to join him after his glorious song, well, it did not go unwitnessed or under-appreciated. ❤

fall flags fluttering
wingbeats of cardinal bird
red in the winter

I held out on adventuring into my archives for this one, and the reward of adventuring outdoors paid off in another treasure to cherish.

Readers/viewers, enjoy others’ “Find Something Red” in the comments of this Lens-Artists Photo Challenge!

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