The windows

I’ve peered out from in life

have often been cracked

with broken blinds

and non-parallel slats,


no out-of-the-ordinary views

for I have not seen much

“of the world”

in terms of geography,

only my local beautiful.


Yet when I revisit the panes

in my gallery

to see if I have any for the

“Windows with Views” theme,


I find myself

strolling down

Memory Lane,

and I realize the pains

have dissipated


and how much time

and distance

and perspective

can change the views

out those same windows

that come from within


only revealing

the positives,


the blessings,

the way

those specific windows

made me who I am



On the El on my last trip to Chicago.

I was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, married there, and began raising kids there. My in-laws’ love of the Cubs has been passed down generations and now lives in my own children.

Those times have passed though. My 24-year marriage dissolved. And although my parents-in-law are no longer with us either, I am blessed to have had their love for so long. So when I look back through this window, I remember the years of happy memories with them, all the ways my northern hometowns are a part of me.

I am still very much this girl today.


This window I remember well. I drove solo, leaving in haste, when my adult son was getting wheeled into surgery, 12 hours away. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with the sky: I felt so blessed to have such amazing clouds accompany me on this road trip. I felt so grateful my son only shattered his collarbone in his freak accident.


Pets at the window.

It’s been 14 months since we had to say goodbye to our little lapdog Biscuit sooner than expected. The pain of losing a pet is forever, but I’m happy he is in a place without suffering, running and jumping again. He brought us great joy for 9 years.

6 months ago, we rescued Beau. 💝


A former student at the pickup window.

I live in the same town I teach in. Since my students and I have amazing rapport, I am like a celebrity when I am out and about. To have a career I am passionate about that directly impacts lives is one of my greatest joys, achievements, and blessings. No matter the monetary value.


Windows down!

Last school year, I discovered a new route to work, and it is beautiful! Our commute is only about 10 minutes, but now it’s even better: uncrowded and extra scenic (with no stoplights). It’s been such an added bonus for our morning mental health.


Windows and windows

I have always meant to “be a writer.” I let life get in the way though. Year after year. Finally, in January of 2018, I picked up the pen again. It led me quickly back to poetry. I’ve written nearly every day since. I’ve found lots of the pieces of me I’ve been looking for along the way.


My home office window with a few of my daughter’s many solar bobbleheads and the wildflowers I let grow in that section of the yard. (I love wildflowers.)


The mother dove in my bedroom window. She had two healthy babies, and they all stuck around beyond the nest. My focus on this busy window was just what I needed for my mental health in that season. Nature is like that sometimes, isn’t it—perfectly and personally timed?


I love my naps, the breeze, and the shadows that dance from my bedroom window, paired with my dreamcatcher one of my former students made me.


My favorite window view of all 💕


The best part about windows is that the light through them beckons to be let in…

I created this post in response to the Lens Artists Photo Challenge for this week: “A Window With A View.” So much personal reflection came from this. What a great prompt! Thank you to our hostesses!

You can link to it here!

32 thoughts on “Windows

  1. I love your response to this theme, Laura. Through your window views, you share your memories and stories. So much personal reflections, and you expressed it eloquently. “The best part about windows is …”, truly beautiful.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment and sparking that reflection through the window challenge. I found others’ views, like yours, so intimidatingly gorgeous, then realized all that my views had to offer. 💕 ‘Tis the beauty of photography!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved your take on our challenge Laura and the peek into your everyday life. You’re so right, things that seem so difficult at the time are quite different looking back and help to shape who we are. Well done

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment, Leya. 💕 I tend to lose courage and self-confidence when it comes to sharing personal things, so your positive feedback here is special to me. (I may have recalled it to my drafts otherwise.)


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