The Orb

orb of light suspended
protected by barkless tentacles
the fire descends
for the ancient ritual

soundless ceremony
tree spirits of old
centuries of wisdom
remain untold

a vision of truth
purity of purpose
i become entranced
test my worthiness

Written for BrewNSpew’s first ever weekly prompt: Ceremony.
Thanks for hosting, Eugenia!

5 thoughts on “The Orb

    1. Yay! Glad you like it. It came out of me in a matter of moments and a bit tipsy on sangria. 😁 The photo I took this week (and edited it a bit). I have come to appreciate fall colors a lot more being in the South now; it’s hit or miss if we even get that season, and I love it so! 🍁🍂


      1. Sangria can do wonders for an already creative and talented person such as yourself! 😊 Autumn is my favorite season and this year we had a glorious showing of color. Of course, now the beautiful leaves are gone, sadly. I took a few pics of a gorgeous red tree from our balcony, which we have an abundance of trees where I live. Love it!


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