Our Love Comes

Our love comes softly,

a whisper

that turns to melody

and plays

over my fears



a trickle

that drips,

that slowly fills,

despite the cracks

and inner hole,

overflows, spills,


a flicker

in the eyes

from the light of our souls,

a wordless knowing,

glimpse of the divine

through glassless windows,


the softest brush

of flesh

that lingers, mingles,

melts, fuses,

senses tingle,


an exhale,

a surrender,

defenses that dissipate

in the tenderness

of your arms,

a homecoming embrace.


Poem and image ©LauraDenise

It’s not often I fall in love with my own work, but this is definitely a favorite photo I took on a morning walk the other day in the neighborhood, despite witnesses viewing my craziness on the side of the road, smitten with…weeds? Wildflowers are by far one of my favorite parts of nature and favorite flowers, especially in the first morning rays! I filtered this image, as the flowers are actually a vibrant yellow. The more I softened them, the more romantic they became to me. And after listening to this song, one of the most beautiful ever, in my opinion, I fell hopelessly once again into romantic dreams…

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