Sometimes a Parent

Version 2

Sometimes a parent,

no matter how hard she tries,

can’t be the parent

you need.


Sometimes his footsteps

are not ones to follow,

though the imprints

left are deep.


But sometimes a parent

falling short

still gives you

all she has,


and sometimes the staggered steps

beside your own

lead to your

straight path,


and when the waves of time

erode the prints,

you’ll go back

to search and pick


the treasures,

like seashells,

bit by bit

by bit.


Poem and images ©LauraDenise

8 thoughts on “Sometimes a Parent

  1. This gave me chills! Beautiful! This is often the reality of many women with dominating and abusive husbands and no matter what mom does she is always “sometimes a parent” That may not have been the intention of your words, but that is how they touched me. Beautiful


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