Beyond the Boardwalk

I wonder if I were not bound by theme

or rhyming schemes

what my fingers would bring

to life

from the depths of me.


I wonder if I let myself roam

far and away

in my mind

beyond boardwalk and road

where I would end up

starting, if I’d dip my toes

into my own unknown.


I wonder if it is fear

that keeps me as a writer

from letting you near

the fragility of me

I hide between

the lines

of poetry.


I wonder if I don’t look back

what I can write;

I’m afraid that past life

is present,

and to eliminate all signs

of it would make me still

a lie.


Who I am and what I have to say

is entwined in complex truths

I have only just begun

to hear myself

being whispered

in the aftermath of years

of chaos,


and I wonder if I let myself be

all of me

and allow my past and present

to flow freely

into my future,

if that would be the mixture

that leads

to my destiny.



Poem and image ©LauraDenise

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