These Trails


Despite what the markers say,

these trails have no end,

for we only reside in a portion of the middle

of the Maker’s creation.


This tease of greater things

is meant to last us,

sustain us,

with enough awe

to make all believers,


our time so short yet long

enough to discover

what this part of the journey is for:

to revel

in the natural wonders

and each other,


for every day

the beauty surrounds us.

We are cloaked and dripping

with blessings

and the potential of



This mountain trail has no end,

the silence on the way up

prepares me for the summit’s message

prepared especially for me.


I proceed leisurely

but attune

to the psalms whispered

between the trees.


These trails have no end

for when the footpath stops,

I will carry on,

carrying these moments

in my heart


until I return



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