Little House


A cute, little house

from the sky fell.

I half expected

Dorothy and Toto

to file out.


Miniature it was

yet large enough,

in a black-and-white world

which seemed to cloak us.


I approached the

the door

for a peek in,

but the house

retreated from my reach

as if to tease me.


I played the game

and followed along

until it leapt into

some kind of portal

and was gone!


Well, what does one do

when a house pays a visit?

Follow through, of course;

it’s too unreal of an occurrence!


Besides, this is probably a dream…

Cautiously, I stepped through the glowing ring…


On the other side,

in full color,

was the man

who would become

your father,


and in his heart,

he held the key

that unlocked the house

so I could finally see


that it was me

the house needed

to transform

into a home,

and like our love,

it soon began to grow.


But it wasn’t until you


that the garden

bloomed to life.




Poem and images ©LauraDenise

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