The Call

~  Let your soul lead you to the water, then set free your heart’s desires. ~

There is something about the sea that calls us. A universal, innate tugging that draws us out toward the coasts. The soft, lulling melody of distant waves like an ancient incantation seems to entrance our long-awaiting souls in psalm. What is it about the Great Water that beckons the land-dwellers to come? What revelations does it yearn to reveal in whispers to each individual in person? When we go, do we even listen?

We are perhaps drawn to the sea for its grandeur, its vast expanse that so powerfully suggests there is more. There is so much more. Much like space, inseparable from creation theories, the oceans challenge and confirm individual and collective beliefs and put us in our place. We are significant. Each of us. We are intentionally created, each precisely as we are. We are loved and have purpose. Yet, we are small. Not insignificant though. We belong. We are an intricate and essential part of this “more.” We each have a role that only each of us can fill. These are my deeply-rooted personal truths. The powers greater than humanity are represented here at the shoreline as we toe the boundaries, further exploration at this time denied. We build ships and aircrafts in attempts to go farther, but the higher powers are infinitely wiser. We are not meant to know more at this time, in this place. Or is it that we simply have not achieved what we are capable of? There are no answers. Or are there?

In a sense, we come to feel this smallness. Because sensing there is so much more out there makes us feel less alone. It comforts us to know we have a home beyond our own. It is easy to feel abandoned on this supposed third rock from a sun. No overt, direct guidance, no speech or sight or touch from above. Handicapped by only five senses, we feel unfairly ill-equipped. We call out, but no voice we can hear with our ears responds. Bodies that carry the souls we come to know die out, or die at perceived premature times, and leave us feeling more alone. What is the purpose of all of this? What are we to be doing? We all wonder side by side as we grow further and further apart. What if the meaning of it all is simply love? Love for yourself, love for your neighbor, love for all those strangers gathered beside you on the pier wondering the same. What if the unknown cannot be explored with anything manmade? What if the only way we can transcend the boundaries is to love at our fullest potentials? What if it were that simple? All along. How far have we come?

We come to the shoreline not necessarily in search of the answers but to be reminded, to confirm, how little we know. Most of our home planet is ocean and most of the ocean unexplored; we can only discover so much on our own. The rest must come with faith and hope. We do our best to fill in the blanks, but there is nothing missing here. We are surrounded by the gifts of nature and each other. We yearn for a greater understanding. For ourselves and for us all. If we believe in anything beyond this, it should change the way we live. Without the natural world, it would be too easy to forget, to devalue our existence. The ocean symbolizes this unknown, the infinite possibilities, the mysteries. It fills us with comfort and hope, to know we know not what is out there, what is yet to come. Every soul and dream could use this renewal. What is impossible becomes possible again. There is no end. The sky is never the limit.

We gravitate to the great aquahorizon. Such panoramic views, like that from atop mountains, take our breaths away. We come for the aesthetics, the pure beauty that exists in such picturesque visuals, the gifted perspectives we are not used to. We become part of the postcard, the Googled image; we can say we’ve been there and experienced it. We can carry it in our minds’ eyes long after. Luxurious, currency-dependent manmade entertainment places can be appealing experiences, but they can’t make obsolete the innate desire to simply see and sensually soak in the magnificence of natural wonders. We can create things that cause our jaws to drop, but the awe of what we cannot, the natural world that predates our existence that came about and cycles independent of us, fills us with wonder, questions impossible to answer, testaments of our extreme limitations, reminders of our blessed insignificance, for the powers held by such entities seem to be in good handless keep. We come to revel in the beauty of the view of an infinite horizon. We come to be moved. Internally.

There is something about the sea that calls us. Why has it summoned you?
There is something about the sea that calls us. Listen for its truths.

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5 thoughts on “The Call

  1. This is a stunning portrait of ocean longings and comfort. I love this line:

    “We come to the shoreline not necessarily in search of the answers but to be reminded, to confirm, how little we know. ”

    Thanks for the follow.


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