Solo Porch Chair

Solo porch chair

gives away the status,

no matter how many

in the house,

only one sits out there.


But the seated body

is hollow,

for the soul

is among the clouds,

flying through the first soft colors

to collect the tranquil beauty

for every tomorrow,


kissing each bird

on its head

and joining in their song,

with open arms,

greeting oldest friend,

sweet, sweet Dawn.


Duty eventually calls,

so soul returns to body

in the solo porch chair,

with one last glance and sigh

and personal prayer.


Perhaps the cosmos will send

a hand to hold,

so this ritual

can one day

be shared


with another soul

filling a second chair

with a shared view

free of manmade obstructions

far away from here…



Poem and image ©LauraDenise

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