It is inevitable

that a sun must set,

must sink

out of view,

bringing darkness,

signaling that a day

is through.


So it is with the things

that come to pass,

regardless of our will

or grasp;

some things simply

get laid to rest.


But just because

a sun, a heart,

sinks doesn’t mean

there will be nothing

able to rise

from the perceived demise,

for life

continues on,

light and hope

will inevitably rise,


for the circle

of goodbyes-for-now

are inexplicably intertwined

with new hesitant hellos

in divine timelines unknown,

unable to be perceived

from such ignorant perspectives,

for we are all but glorious specks

confused in an organized cosmos.


We don’t see the significance

of the setting sun synchronized

with the rising moon,


for The One who created all of this

did so out of love,

making sure the darkness

never completely covers us.


The light is ever-present

even when we are absent.

There is always something rising

as something else sets.


Even if we fail at the time

to see it.


Trust in a loving, larger



Poem and (unedited) images ©LauraDenise

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