Mirth Bursts

Making merry,

mirth outbursts,

you make this

day memorable,

so much more;

of course,

I recognize,

could never look

this gift horse

from above

in the mouth,

for the blessing of you

in my life is apparent,

and I am so grateful.

The goodness

I get from you

fills me up;

the helium pressure

lifts me until

I am one with

the clouds,

and I begin to

yell down to you,

but you are beside me

grinning, too,

so I whisper instead,

“Thank you.”

You grab some cumulous

and shape it like a bouquet;

I grab some, too,

and add a beard

to your face,

and another mirth bout

rises anew,

as I act like it’s no big deal

that you gave me my sky,

and I sigh inside

from the beautiful view

and gesture from

my flying knight.


Poem and image ©LauraDenise

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