Legendary Love


The first to make it out

of a black hole,

he recalculated the stars

and set off to make her

his home.


He had heard

her whispers

in the soundless void.

He tried but failed

to send from his heart

a flicker of light.


Cosmic forces

were not

on his side.


He traveled


to find where she

now resided.


Through the haze

of her daydreams,

he made his way.

Not running,

for fear the signals were false

caused him to second-guess and

slow his pace.


She felt his presence nearing,

but disbelieved it,

for she abandoned that dream

at the event horizon

where she waited

after singing her song

but was greeted

by silence.


She simply stood there

as her heart began to race

circles around her,

hallucinating a vision

that looked just like him


approaching her.


No words

could she form

when he came into focus

before her.


Everything they both resolved

independently with reasoning

and caution


was forgotten.


It was she who finally

touched him

to make sure it was real,

but her touch

melted him into a puddle.


Her arm still outstretched,

is the form of the statue

that marks that spot

of that legendary

love encounter,


that never was allowed

to be.


Some claim

in that spot,

you can still hear

cosmic forces





Inspired by the first black hole photo released today maybe and tainted by my revived stubborn refusal to believe in love for me maybe… (the ending surprised me, too, lol). 

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