One Drop Dreaming


I am but one,

already tired,

one tiny bent molecule

in a sea of salt water.


I drift with others,

ebb and flow,

too slowly moving

to really know


if we’re going forward

at all;

am I my own motion

or merely following

the crowd,


being pulled and tugged,

or worse, rocked to sleep?

Am I even awake

or is this a dream?


What would happen,

I wonder,

if I resisted the urge

to merely drift like this

because it’s easier.


I once heard

in hushed whispers

about a legendary drop

that caused a ripple


that created a wave

that pummeled the shore

that got the attention

of a grain of sand

who thought to itself,


I want to do more


I got lost in thought after reading this poem (below) by Will Pennington, and it inspired me to write the above poem. 

“Tattoos” by Will Pennington

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