Take Me to the Forest

We can walk the beach

and climb the mountains,

but let’s settle down

in a cozy cabin


in the heart of the forest;


my soul is home

among the thick-trunked trees–

towering skyscrapers,

nature’s majesties,


keepers of ancient wisdom.


My hiking boots upon the dirt,

my palm upon the textured bark,

the sun’s light flickering frequent hope

between branches in the daytime dark:



never would those surroundings get old.


Call the dogs, take my hand,

take me safely away again and again;

under the great green canopy,

let’s all play and blaze some trails.


Take me where I need to go.


Beach, mountains, desert, plains:

the forest is where I long to stay.

Along the river, around the fire,

my heart endlessly flows and sparks

when in the forest

with you by my side.


Poem and images ©LauraDenise

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