Entering Her Reality


She sat

in the field of flowers,

let the breeze

set free

her hair,

her fingers

skimmed across

the velvety blossoms,

her emerald eyes

ahead stared;

she was lost

in the moment,


of being found

by one in particular

in her head’s

cumulous clouds…

drifting away,

her mind floated


blending with the

soft colors

the late sun cast

upon the canvas

around her.

She could stay here forever…

but soon the shadows

would wake

and overtake

her secret place.

Her imagination

danced mid-air

across mirages

of fanciful backdrops,

barefoot in short

flowing dresses

until the hawk’s cry

snapped her to attention.

She refocused,

squinting her eyes,

noticing now the figure

in the distance

on the horizon.

It was approaching


she did not recognize

the gait,

but definitely

his face

as he came into range,

and the golden rays

haloed his frame

before her.

She tried to rise,

but weak legs defied

and unexpectedly,

she began to weep;

her teardrops upon the petals

almost unraveled him, too.

He held out his hand

to help her up,

and into his arms,

he took her.

That sunset seemed to freeze,

to frame,

the silhouette of them

in that forever-binding

first embrace

that sowed the seeds

of love


as the scene faded out

into their beginning.

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