Fall Harvest


Brisk air boldly brushes cheekbones,

layers of flannels, wool, and cotton cloak

mysterious forms gripping collars and griping

about the pre-seasonal dusting of snow.

A squirrel huddles in the corner

of oak’s tree-fork of branches

savoring the snack between his paws

of a selected acorn from his stash.

The chorus of crisp leaves rises

signaling a launch;

they scurry away,

scraping along the sidewalk

before taking off.

Cinnamon beckons to to be sprinkled,

apples get cut to their cores,

whipped cream slowly slinks down

the sides of pie slices,

pumpkins garnish front porches.

Rolls get passed around the table,

refs signal downs on yard lines,

the cornucopia of memories

accumulated in autumn

stay ripe in the heart and mind.

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