Lily-Pad Dreams

Lily pads spark

childhood delight,

call up frogs

and dragonflies

and sprites;



cross the bridge

and leave the mundane behind,


big roots spring up

from the aquatic deep

from where mythical creatures

sometimes surface for a peek,



but perhaps the most enchanting part

is the beauty that floats

on top of the dark,

never drowns,

always stays green

and supports

its crowned queens:

snow white and golden

blooms of hope and peace.


The bad never trespasses

on such a garden

hovering, rising,

on hydrogen

and oxygen.

This place is the safest,

so ancient yet ever new,

nourished by memories

of the naivety

of youth,

encompassing millenniums

of braids and bugs,

overalls and dirt

and bare feet,

and on lily pad boats,

a million fantasies

and dreams

set out to sea…




Words and images ©LauraDenise

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