Clover Leaves


Today, I noticed, for the first time, some clovers in the backyard. Automatically, I looked for a four-leafed one. Automatically, I was reminded of childhood memories…

My parents, my childhood, though not perfect, instilled in me the most important basics. Among these, love of nature. They made sure us, kids, got plenty of outdoor time in. We were encouraged to play outside and we went on regular nature outings. My father even taught us, girls, how to fish. My father has always been one to keep moving; I have never, to this day, witnessed him at rest. (Hard work being another value he inadvertently taught me.) It was my mother who I so fondly remember seemingly endlessly looking for four-leaf clovers in the patches. She has always enjoyed a puzzle, literal jigsaw and other types of challenges, so I’m not sure if it was just that that drove her or some longing for the luck of that clover.

I remember clearly those quiet moments together that joined us, girls, in a unified mission. Whenever we came across a patch, it seems, we had another forever. No rush (I’m sure my father was off chopping wood for the campfire). Just us. And a never-ending opportunity to happen across good luck. The luck was always there though, the luck of having family. Not perfect, but neither were any other families or clovers. I remember how we would try to fool one another by discreetly tearing one leaf into two. Now I realize how a torn family (like ours) could still be beautiful.

How wonderful then and to look back on now, to have that unplugged nature family time under the just-right sun, surrounded by greens and a ceiling of blue, encouraged to hope and not chase, but patiently seek out exactly what we wanted.

Once upon a childhood, clover dreaming…

What is one of your special childhood memories? 

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