Listening to Stars


Silence befalls,

stills me,

in the darkness,

gazing up at the

cosmic lanterns,

natural heat

too far to feel

upon my face

yet somehow reaches

my core

and wraps my soul

with comfort,

mixes with an

aching subtle sorrow

from a knowing

that we have missed the mark,

the callings.

Cryptic messages

lost in translation

try to reach

a distracted civilization;

these constellations

try desperately

to show the way,

illuminate maps

to the answers,

for we are all lost,

stranded together,

on a galactic island

surrounded by space,

like each human form

lightyears away from the

one next to him,


never, once, one day?

The presence of these stars

discreetly remind us of greater

purposes and higher

powers; so profoundly

their magnificence

sparkles, twinkles

as luminous glitter,

fairy dust,

sparking remembrance

of childlike wonder

and magic

and imagination

and possibilities

before society

drifted wayward,

buried such nonsense,

told us to grow up,


drove clans

from their land,

wiped out whole peoples,

to make room for a proclaimed

collective national dream

under the facade of


These stars,

here before us,

know our true histories

but don’t laugh

or scorn,

for light

only emits hope,

so they continue

to offer their guidance,

lead us north, truly,

no reason or bias

or ulterior motive

to mislead us.

I keep my eyes open

in this darkness

and focus

on Polaris;

it is divine

and leads me

to focus on

my greater purpose,

search for


as best as a mortal can,

unworthy but loyal,

on this distant


in a man-named



Milky Way.

2 thoughts on “Listening to Stars

  1. You have written a beautiful, thoughtful and searching poem.
    Our planet is indeed minute in the Galactic system ‘ via lactea, ‘ ( Milky Way ).
    100 – 400 billion stars in this system alone. Magic!
    I learnt this and more thanks to your poem.


    P.s. Thank you for your follow, you are very welcome.

    Liked by 1 person

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