Beyond the Gate


My heart is heavy,

like the gate

I pull open

to escape

into nature–

my secret garden

I’ve never explored before



the seasons of my heart

seem to pass gradually…

the past—vines, lines

tracing my history…


the future—frosted, magical, snow-kissed

berries, whimsical fantasies…


the now—fresh greens and seeds

blossoming, into what?

the shapes and colors not yet

revealed but definitely


my heart

lightens, its burdens

blow into the sun

from the soft breezes,


my youth emerges…

takes the hand of my


and my gait

slows, sways,

a spring in my step

replaces the treading,

leaden dreading,

my feet free themselves

from the cages

of their tightly-laced



I am in pigtails again,

dipping feet

into the creek,

so clear…


the water washes

the dirt,

and I emerge

with a heart

so light

and pure.

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4 thoughts on “Beyond the Gate

  1. I was just the other night talking to someone about secret places…
    hiding places…
    sometimes places in plain sight,
    with an extra limb stretching somehow into shadow
    without reemerging on the other side.
    Places with flowers so ornate
    they seem to float,
    whisperimg algorithms in leaf pattern –

    though we don’t really expect them to give up the combination.

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