Travails & Trails


Sunlit boardwalk path

fading into shade,

I am not the first to traverse you;

this is hardly an escapade.


Upon you, I cannot leave

fresh footsteps;

nonetheless, I know not

what to expect.


I am alone,

and dangers still may lurk

(even the signs warn of that).

I watch my step,

watch above,

watch my back.


The thing about all this alertness,

not to mention the natural details,

is that it is impossible for my mind

to stay on track

to recall the plaguing travail


that brought me here

for nature to cure,

(my tried-and-true confidant).

I know not where this path leads,

but when I am lost in your



I alway come out on the other side,

back into the light,

back into a clear day,

back to a cloudless mind.


I survived that silly, little trail,

and will survive this trying travail,

for although it seemed the end of the world,

my perspective has diminished in scale,


and whether or not I blaze new trails,

small steps on previously-trodden ones

can bring me plenty of adventure and growth

and long-sought-after accomplishments.


Poem and image ©LauraDenise

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