Something there is about Spring

that brings possibilities,

carries whispers of encouragement

from the Wise Trees,

ushers in Hope on butterfly wings,

reminds us of the simple things:

universal truths that keep cycling,

bringing to life creatures and dreams.


Breeze seems to gently nudge

us towards that which we seek,

Grass beckons to bare feet,

animals rise from their long sleep,

the circle of life brings offsprings,

frogs demonstrate how to leap,

bees get busy with an urgency,

Creek counters, pleading to slow speeds,

to hear his babble, jabberwocky…


a lesson from Spring for us in each.


Spring cleans soul’s cobwebs,

blows the dust from routines,

brittle browns are reborn

into soft, young greens,

seeds sprout and rise

from underground, deep,

as do our ideas, hopes, and dreams:

all possibilities of becoming reality.


Something there is about Spring

that brings possibilities.


Poem and image ©Laura Denise


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