In Defense of Poetry


Poor, Poetry…

so mistreated, defeated, cheated,

unliked, stigmatized, chastised,

degraded, underrated, unappreciated

neglected, rejected, resisted.




Too sly? Dry?

Confusing? Unamusing?


Don’t you realize

what Poetry has to offer?

Especially if you’re

the author?


If you have feelings,

you are qualified to write it.

Close your eyes.

Don’t overthink it.


Let the storm, the butterflies,

the fears, the uncertainties,

rise up and out,

let it spill, ooze,

onto the page

however it comes out.


When it settles, I bet

in the mess, in the painting,

the tracks of the Beast,

the debris of the Storm,

the colors of the Butterflies,

the source of the Fear,

the clues to the Uncertainty

will be there.


Rearrange it. Tweak it.

Beautify it. Upgrade it.

Play with it. Make it


an extension of you.

If you do,


you may find it’s

therapeutic and

others may think

so, too.


Do not misjudge Poetry.

It excludes no one.


It invites you, personally,

to see whatever you want,

whatever you need,

whatever works for you.


It is shifting. It is healing.

It is friendly. It is feelings.


It is there for you


Just start typing

or pick up the pen.


There are worse things than

using the art of words for

self-exploration, reflection, and



What is brewing inside you today?


Poem and Image ©Laura Denise

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