Don’t Blink


Don’t blink

or they’ll be grown,

living in different places,

separated by more

than miles,

by the race

of life.


Don’t blink

or you’ll miss

realizing this kiss

is the last one

they’ll permit

because they’re too old now

and that’s gross.


Don’t blink,

take it in,

a snapshot in your head,

perhaps the last

innocent, naive

grin they’ll have

before the world

gets hold of them.


Don’t blink

away the days,

taking for granted

all the ways

they wanted to play

for a while with you

when you had too much

to do.


Don’t blink.

But if you do…


know that neither time

nor place

could ever erase

the love you graced

nor the memories

you made,


and even if they

scrunch up their faces,

kiss them anyway,

no matter their ages,


and make a point

of making them smile

because more than ever,

they could probably

use it now,


and take the time still

to take time outs

in life to play,

send an airline ticket

their way,


and when the tears

of yesteryear start

to fill your eyes,

even if your loved ones

have left this life…




Find them,

feel them,

in your closed eyes.



the sad tears away.

Let the happy ones



For all they have brought you.

For all they have of you.



And just like that,

you are reunited again.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Blink

  1. I’m glad I didn’t blink away his childhood and adolescence, nor do I blink away his phone calls or IM’s. I’m glad I didn’t blink way her loving embraces, even in the depth of her illness and decline. I’m glad I don’t blink away the sage letters of an aging mother, or forget all her admonitions from my growing-up years.

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